Transforming through Personal Exploration and Discovery: Part I

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In July 2010, the World Affairs Council asked me to deliver a talk at the Celebrate Lebanon Conference in Peoria, Ill. on why the Lebanese assimilate smoother and succeed faster than other ethnic groups when they immigrate.  Honestl... [Read More]

Politicians Can Learn How to Govern and Create Change from Ancient Wisdom--Part II

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The Phoenicians’ governance model was revolutionary and was practiced by every member of their society who lived on three different continents. The way they applied the Seven Principles—the Phoenician Blueprint—was thro... [Read More]

A Revolutionary Idea to Transform Today's Divisive Political Environment--Part I

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Quantum science has validated for years that our thoughts, emotions, actions and words are creative forces; they create our individual and collective reality.  When we are ‘for’ something, we are creating a positive ener... [Read More]

Millions of 'Cultural Phoenicians' Worldwide Share Similar Values

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Cultural Phoenicians are those modern day individuals who believe in the Seven Principles of the Phoenician Blueprint.  Millions of ‘Cultural’ Phoenicians are living in every country and on every continent and these wome... [Read More]

Emotions are Creative Forces Which Impact the Outcome of Our Lives

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Co-operation, acceptance, harmony, appreciation, tolerance plus other emotions are vibrating energies which have a positive impact on our individual, family, and community lives.  When expressed, these energies create heart coherenc... [Read More]

Serving Others: Demonstrating Appreciation for Our Good Fortune--Part 2

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In the beginning, all the founders of the Itoo Society could do was to help their fellow immigrants and the villagers of Aytou in Lebanon. But with the onset of the Great Depression, in late 1929 all that changed as our parents and grand... [Read More]

Serving Others: Reaching out to Help Others in Need--Part 1

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We were taught by our parents and Lebanese culture from the earliest of age to believe that serving others was one of the most important things we can do in our lives. Isn't this also one of the main attributes we hope to pass on to... [Read More]

Peace Building through Heart Coherency and Collaboration

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The Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet has won the Nobel Peace Prize for its efforts to bring democracy to the country where the political upheaval sparked pro-democracy movements throughout the Arab World in 2011.  The group basica... [Read More]

Women's Equality: Lessons Learned from the Phoenicians

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During the last two decades, new historical facts and information and archeological digs have been discovered that have shown a beacon of light on the Phoenicians. This ancient society lived by Seven Principles which were prominent in th... [Read More]

Women as Partners: A New Model for Peace and Prosperity

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A business can increase its profitability as much as 13% by placing women in major leadership positions such as members of their board of directors.  In fact, any business can be enriched by valuing a woman’s unique perspectiv... [Read More]