Stories from the Edge: Nine Principles to Create Lasting Transformation


Stories From The Edge: Nine Principles to Create lasting Transformation by Rita George
 However, many of us have not been trained to understand, manage and create permanent change.


Stories from the Edge is comprised of building blocks and stories. The building blocks are a simple foundation of knowledge that is needed to make progressive breakthroughs and experience growth and spiritual awareness.  The stories provide important insights that will inspire you with the hope and belief that we can create meaningful, purposeful and balanced lives.



Excerpt from the Books

“The awakening and evolution of consciousness within can move you from the edge of fear, to wisdom and courage. It can shift from a control oriented worldview, to one of cooperation and collaboration. I have seen it change from self-centeredness, to inclusion of others. I’ve experienced a switch from avoidance of what is, to one of astounding awareness and clarity.  It can transform a self-defeating self-image, to a fully healed vision of one’s limitless potential. It can metamorphose from a debilitating depression, into a state of vibrant creativity and emotional, mental and spiritual health. I have observed this process of self-directed evolution and transformation in the lives of many people, especially my clients.”


“As you embrace each principle sequentially, you will shift your viewpoint of the world away from the ego that wants to control, dominate, manipulate, and destroy, to focusing on being creative, cooperative, and expressing unity and life-affirming values.  Principle by principle, you awaken to express your deeper authentic self and discover hidden talents, abilities, and insight. Principle by principle, you awaken to living and expressing the nine spiritual qualities—creativity, integrity, wisdom, courage, discipline, compassion, humility, inner peace, and unconditional love, and seeing that you have the capacity to make a significant difference in your family, your community, and the world. Principle by principle, your awareness increases until you live beyond fear.”


“I believe every human being is incredibly powerful. I also believe that mysteries and wisdom beyond our wildest dreams reside in our hearts. They unfold within us with a richness that is sometimes overwhelming in its complexity and perfection. But it’s really quite simple. Fear prevents us from seeing clearly these powers within. Love enables them to unfold successfully. I leave you with one last question. “Do you want to live with fear, or do you want to live with love?”



In Stories from the Edge, Rita George has captured a practical step by step approach that will help you to confront your inner self and heal past emotional patterns that are holding you back.  This book is a real life changer—even for those who believe they have their act together.

Matthew C. Heim, PhD. Visionary Strategist, author of Breaking the Musashi Code

“Stories from the Edge is compelling reading and difficult to put down.  With Rita George’s Nine Principles, learning how the past and present are connected and how to tap into your inner resources and subconscious mind, you are guaranteed to have a more fulfilling life.”

Patricia Fripp, CSP,CPAE, Past President, National Speaker’s Association, author of Get What You Want