Phoenician Books by Sanford Holst

Sanford Holst  Author, Phoenician's Lebanon's Epic HeritageSanford Holst is one of the leading authorities on the Phoenicians and appears in the BBC series Ancient World.  Elected a member of the prestigious Royal Historical Society for this work in the field, Holst has presented academic papers on his ground breaking research on the Phoenicians at universities in the USA and around the world.  His degrees from MIT and UCLA enabled him to expand on existing knowledge of the Phoenicians by pursuing three decades of intentional field work in countries ranging from Lebanon and Egypt to Greece and Morocco.  Working with respected experts, often on site, he gathered remarkable facts not generally available.  He now shares those insights in readily understandable books, speeches, and documentaries.  Holst currently lives in Sherman Oaks, California.


His book Phoenicians: Lebanon's Epic Heritage first presented this remarkable work in 2005. The second edition, titled Phoenician Secrets: Exploring the Ancient Mediterranean, added more material in 2011 -- and is Amazon's #1 book on the Phoenicians.

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“The mysterious Phoenicians rose to prominence on the shores of Lebanon, and became the famous masters of sea trade around the ancient Mediterranean.  They accumulated wealth and knowledge at a prodigious rate but hid it all from view.  Their sense of privacy and secrecy was legendary.  Publicly adventurous, crafty, skilled, and diplomatic, they were privately lovers of inspiring art, luxurious homes, and the beauty of nature.  Women shared equality with men, and in many ways, the Phoenicians challenged the world that was so often at war around them.”