Phoenician Film

Pyramid BoatAncient history is not what we have been taught.   The remarkable story of the Phoenicians and their descendants has been a secret, until recently. 


During the last 15 years, new historical facts and information and archeological digs have been discovered that have shown a beacon of light on how the ancient Phoenicians, who lived in Lebanon and along the Eastern and Western Mediterranean, lived by Seven Principles.  These Seven Principles—the Phoenician Blueprint—were the glue that held their society together while living in various cities and colonies throughout the Eastern and Western Mediterranean.  Their legacy is earthshaking:  they survived, thrived and flourished because they were capable of avoiding and resolving conflicts and living in peace for 3,000 years, unlike any other society during ancient times. 


Phoenician Aphabet

New revolutionary research and discoveries by social psychologists, biologists, physicists, and evolutionary scientists can validate how the Phoenician principles and practices are essential to our human nature and biological make-up.  The Phoenicians were masterful in creating a common purpose and identity where everyone in their society operated on the same wavelength and in creating a coherent heart energy field that connected them to each other. These coherent heart qualities, which I call the “Phoenician Soul”, create healthy, harmonious, and prosperous societies.


SunsetMillions of direct descendants of the Phoenicians, whose brains have been hardwired with the Blueprint, as well as “cultural Phoenicians”, individuals who embody the Blueprint, are living on every continent.   Millions of people cooperating and connecting with each other can form a community to transform their society and the world.


A transcendent documentary film will explore all of these new discoveries and how they have a profound, positive impact on cultures today.   


credit: photo Jounie Bay Lebanon, Joe Couri